Microsoft has been open-sourcing a lot lately, but it seems to be mostly “peripheral” software Usually plays out something like this: Here is qoute from https: What are the differences between each driver? Remove From My Forums. You don’t need to reverse engineer the protocol.

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jTDS JDBC Driver

What a steaming pile, jdc to mention having to navigate the labyrinth of the IBM download site to even find it in the first place. MSSQL, on the other hand Java bloated in politics Do I need to make any code changes in my application to use the latest driver with my existing SQL Server version? The table below lists available authentication options.

These driver versions are not available for download as they microdoft no longer supported.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for JDBC Driver

However, unlike their other repos there are a couple of things that strike out. Doing good job there.

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The team may also ask you to reproduce your issue on an operating system such as Windows so the problem can be best supported. I just had a quick look at the code and the code quality leaves a lot to be desired.


Unless there’s a legal restriction for not doing so, like say not owning the original source, there’s no good reason not to open source the client side of things. As if the fact that jTDS is mostly unmaintained wasn’t enough reason not to use it, the MS driver supports several extra useful features e. Where can we get client drivers for a new app that will use it? Ktds is adaptive buffering?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for JDBC Driver – SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

I’m sure that they’d appreciate help in cleaning it up. Microsot the driver support Internet Protocol version 6 IPv6 addresses? Had it been open sourced a few years back, I would have already done them myself. Yeah, maybe we’ll switch as well now.

I have been using the jTDS driver in a production environment without any issues for 5 years. Oh, this driver was really troublesome! Here is qoute from https: The only thing worse than running into a deep-in-the-stack bug in a database driver is one that you can’t correct, let alone debug properly. You may also contact Microsoft Customer Support.

Is the driver certified for use with any micrlsoft application servers? Microsoft is a tech company just like jxbc others.


Replace the jTDS driver with Microsoft JDBC driver

So developer has to run install. Thus, your application does not have to request the adaptive behavior explicitly to get the adaptive buffering behavior. They gave out such horrible and dog slow drivers to their paying customers that people reverse engineered the protocol and wrote their own.

For more information, see Using Adaptive Buffering and the blog What is adaptiveresponse buffering and why should I use it? Here’s a nice article explaining how to do it: Make an internal maven plugin with what you need and add it to the company repo.

Review the “Distributable Code” clause in the license jvbc. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. I know it’s possible to not use mvn, just wondering what people did in cases like this where a possibly major component in the stack was unavailable.

Starting with version 1.

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