McAfee LiveSafe provides a complete set of protection. So that you can do shopping, surf & keep all your devices protected online with the help of a single activation of live safe on your device. Latest antivirus, identity and private data protection (personal info) for all your devices/PCs or laptops (Windows, Macs), smartphones and tablets. Our website assists how to activate McAfee LiveSafe retail card.

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Learn how to install McAfee LiveSafe on your computer.

  1. Open your web browser and go to from the additional Mac or PC you are installing on.
  2. Click My AccountSign in.
  3. Type your email address and password, and click Log In.If you do not have a McAfee account, select Are you a new user? Register Now, follow the prompts to create your McAfee account, and click Log In.If you want the website to remember your username in the future, select Remember Me.
  4. Click My Account.
  5. Select the correct LiveSafe product subscription, and then click Download.NOTE: You can also choose to install additional programs that you have purchased.
  6. Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and click I Agree to accept the terms and continue to the download and installation.
  7. Follow the instructions to install and configure your McAfee software.

How to Install on a mobile device.

You can also download LiveSafe apps from various device-specific app stores:

  • The Windows app store
  • The Google Play
  • The Amazon app store
  • The Apple store

To redeem the retail card for: