One of the biggest benefits for flash memory would come from speeding up the boot process. Windows Vista startup time from the moment I pressed the power button to no activity on the desktop was 46 seconds. For my first time taking it apart it took roughly three minutes to figure out how the panels came off once the screws were out. April 12th, 7. When I capture pictures from the SanDisk card it is at least twice as fast through the camera than through the Thinkpad port.

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SDSDB is a standard speed generic card. I would feel the same way about a ReadyBoost flash drive dangling off my notebook computer. When I boot from an integrated card reader, that is the option I use. The outside case is very strong giving it a good deal of protection when thrown into a briefcase or maybe even a tall purse. By “in the camera,” do you mean you attached the camera to the USB port on your machine?

I was also surprised by how easy it was to upgrade the ram in the X61, by removing a access panel on the bottom of the laptop. Originally Posted by chenxinghao. The 2GB SanDisk model: I never really used the Touchpoint on my T60, falling back to the touchpad on almost all occasions.


Thanks for the correction.

SD Card reader Driver

Are you using one? Unfortunately, I can find no specs for the SD slot. How did you measure the speed of the transfer to come to your conclusion? April 12th, 2. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I haven’t tested this, so I could be wrong, but it was my impression that notebook SD-card drives can’t deliver ReadyBoost performance that’s faster than caching the same files from the hard drive. Alright, first things first. This gives you a comfortable typing surface, that once you get used to the odd size outer keys, becomes a pleasure to type on.

The differences between the 2 systems are pretty amazing. For better speaker performance, the optional X6 base provides much better sound quality. Also, there are some compatibility issues I’m waiting to be resolved.

Thickness of X61 compared to Blackberry Pearl view large image. To save space the X61 omits the touchpad system in favor of a touchpoint.

I found almost little to no risk of breaking other components during this process, unlike other laptops which are not so user friendly in this area. No, I have not updated the bios. In any case, your results are in spec.


Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

Heat output from the laptop is more than you would expect from such a small machine. It shares many design characteristics with the rest of the ThinkPad line including its internal unibody structure, full-size keyboard, stainless steel display hinges, and complete port selection.

I searched Lenovo community and it all seems that there is no SD reader port boot option for the old X41 and X61 tablet laptops. Playing music outside of lenovvo dock sounds like headphones with the volume cranked, then when docked it sounded like a boom box. It is very affordable now….

Yeah, not a x661 good laptop…. The cardbus adapter, did it have a gold edge that is, is it bit? DavidE, can you please run test with a second known speed SD card, for example: They seem to be the best bargain.

Sorry, I actually meant maxing out at 3.

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