He’s watching thisd thread so you may hear something soon. Or the coffee-rings on the pad might have obscured some data. I have followed his instructions to the tee but it says it’s there, the manager says it’s there with no problems, but it can’t find any networks to lock on to, but when I put the usb adapter in – it will find a bunch. Dear Tony and others, I forgot to mention. I did try putting in go back that I’ve used alot and really like it since it’s saved me a few times and this is the 1st time I’ve had a problem with it and XP. Thank you for helping keep Tek-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. Gateway is sending a new Marvell Topdog under warranty.

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If you are still having trouble then I’d suggest the k. My6458 would uninstall any software you installed, shut down, remove the wires just in casereboot with the driver CD in the tray.

I don’t think the problem is with the drivers or the software. If I had seen this post, I would have gladly supplied you guys with drivers, including the wireless adapter and sound drivers.

Tim Conard is the main geek behind the Geek Squad in No. The hub does not light up. You really need to study lonebirch’s first post. It does not seem to even start the connection process. Audio is my biggest concern at this point, the modem I have no use for so no big deal. Wanting to take a budget Vista rig laptop no less, even more limited hardware-wise and force-feed it WinXP64 will be a disastrous way to start the year, plus what about all the bit apps you will be expected to run as part of your classwork?


Did you back up drive D and wirelrss make 1 partition gatewya the xp or what? I thought mine was TopDog, but cannot be sure If I get a chance, I may try a little more digging.

Since I got in a loop right after I installed it – I couldn’t uninstall because I could never get windows to open – so I reinstalled windows and that’s when the other partitiion disappeared.

Those are antenna wires as far wireoess I know. And yes, I tried the Vista driver along with everything else. To install a driver, right-click My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, right-click the device, Update Driver, point it to the file where you saved the driver.

Make sure it points to the netmw Maybe a new post in forum This way, everything gets shared. I have no sound.

The drivers from other models may or may not work, go to the Gateway support site noted above, type SigmaTel in the search box and pick the latest XP driver. I’ll post results in a few hours on how the fresh install goes.

Gateway MT6458 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

The idea here is to let Windows have total control over the driver. I don’t have any wireless connections around me mt64588 now so I won’t know until later, but I now have a wireless network connection in the network connection area.


Would it be to first put in the wireless and then search for drivers? I honestly don’t know if this is the ‘unknown’ device or not.

Gateway Official Site: Worldwide

Best when to know when to cut your losses and move ahead. I change them to not go into standby when I close the lid, but they revert a couple hours later. It may be the way Vista deals with the Airport that’s confusing the device. Wireless Internet worked right out of the box. This may or may not be of help to you, trustin, but since this topic is still around I wanted to pass along what I had read about reverting to XP from Vista in general.

Not that Apple is bad, but its mixing apples and oranges If the adapter appears in Device Manager with no yellow! Since the drive was for a novice user I left the entire GB as a single-partition boot drive.

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