As a part of the regular startup process, a program to check the disk status runs automatically. Read this chapter to learn: Be careful not to drip any water into the vents. The Disk Defragmenter program organizes the data on the drive so each file is stored as one unit rather than as multiple pieces scattered across different areas of the drive. Store thepen in the Gateway convertible tablet PC’spen holder.

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The M ouse Properties dialog box opens. If you cannot find the file you want to delete, see “Searching for files” on page Nero Gatteway copies the files from your hard drive to the writable CD.

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Windows Basics Opening a document To view, revise, or print an existing document, first you need to open it. A group of related Web pages is called a Web site. Also use Error-checking if you encounter hard drive problems.

This docking connection is certified to UL for use only with convertible tablet PCs designed for your Gateway port replicator. Business networks are typically built using Fast or Gigabit Ethernet components.

Warning CD Do not expose diskettes to water or magnetic fields. Plug an analog VGA monitor into this port. Always use the pen that came. Creating folders Folders are much like the folders in a file cabinet.

Recent Drivers  IKEY 1032 DRIVER

For help, press Fl. This key can also be used in combination with other keys to open utilities like F Search utilityR Run utilityand E Explorer utility.

If you do not have an Internet service provider, the update utility works by direct-dialing the device driver update service. Store extra pens horizontally in a box or drawer.

Gateway M275 User Manual: Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen

Power schemes groups of power settings let you change power saving options such as when the display or hard drive is automatically turned off. Networking Your Gateway M Example access point wireless Ethernet network By using an access point, you can join a wireless Ethernet network and access a wired Ethernet network. To create MP3 files: Thedisplay stays off until you open thepanel again.

Managing Power 1 72 www. For more information, see “Adding or replacing memory” on page If the on-screen pointer does not seem to line up with the tip of the pen— for example, because someone else has used your convertible tablet PC and adjusted it for their own use— recalibrate it to your tapping patterns.

The Sender Information screen opens. To order a different module, contact Gateway. The battery used in this device may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mishandled. Your e-mail address is assigned when you sign up for an account with an ISP.


Using The Pen; Storing And Removing The Pen – Gateway M User Manual [Page 57]

Press a third time to return the display to the normal brightness setting. The pen can do everything a mouse does. Carrying cases Gateway has large-capacity carrying cases if you need additional space for accessories or supplies.

For example, do not use it near a bathtub or kitchen sink. Do not lay components on the outside of antistatic bags because only the inside of the bags provide electrostatic protection.

For more information, see “Finding your specifications” on page I’m ready to send the Tablet PC back at this point. When in environments where you are uncertain of the sanction to use wireless devices, ask the applicable authority for authorization prior to use or turning on the wireless device.

I’m thinking that it may have something to do with adaware.

Use a backup device, such as a recordable drive or Zip drive, to do a complete hard drive backup.

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