Anyone engage Microsoft support directly outside of the forum? This service runs on every Hub Transport server or Edge Transport server. So when looking at the searchresult it is not so easy to follow the message. It searches one server at a time and present the findings the same way. For example to search all Hub Transport servers at once:. HI Paul, I have a little bit query, how we can track message on the basis of recipient basis.

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Internal emails delivery problem due to STOREDRIVER – DUPLICATED event

Hey guys, have you ever had this scenario? They do have an interim fix unpublished kb for this. Eventually, we would like to script it to where the results are stored in a variable and then sent to a pull command automatically. Same issue experienced in our implementation, does anyone know if there is an official KB article that recognizes the storedrkver You must log in or register to reply here. FAIL Message delivery failed. So if I could get some help with disabling this or getting Exchange to realize that these emails are actually different and deliver them that would be awesome.

NeillThanks for the update.

Exchange 2010 Message Tracking Event-IDs

Can you help me? Some of the internal emails not being delivered to the recipients.


Exchange Server https: These events can be on the same server if both server roles are installed locally, or they can be on different servers.

Thanks a bunch Paul, I was absolutely clueless why recipient column was not getting exported properly, piping select-object cmdlet saved my soul.

Exchange 2010 Delegate Issue

A message was submitted by the Pickup directory or the Replay directory that cannot be delivered or returned. Sounds like you storedrive to research some third party reporting tools and help your compliance team choose one that can be installed to provide them the details they need.

It gave me most of the data I am looking for when tracking the message logs. Saturday, April 27, 2: Often dyplicate will be running message tracking log searches that return a lot of results. When you’re performing investigative searches of your message tracking logs, particularly across multiple servers, those queries can take a long time to return sttoredriver results.

Problem is intermittent and occurs for random users at random time intervals, however it only seems to happen for internal emails.

Exchange Message Tracking Event-IDs – Skripte-Blog

Nevermind my last reply. How to count it? Hi James, In addition to the above case, i would like to make you aware of a similar issue with a production envirounment with Exchangeand regular email messages.


He exchaange as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office and Exchange Server. Hi, very good article. She wants the following matrix: NeillT May 20, You’ll notice as you begin looking storediver message tracking logs that each individual email message generates multiple log entries. The option is being set that emails should be received by the delegates only and not by the actual users on the owners” mailboxes.

So when I said users were migrated thats a bit inaccurate, they were essentially recreated I suppose. Any updates or workarounds anyone has figured out would be appreciated Thanks in advance, Nate.

I’ve just tested Roll-up 4, with Outlook and Outlook against it. I suplicate further inhibited by not being allowed direct access to the exchange server, and I am also trying to do this at a company in Vietnam. Hi Paul, First off, your site has saved me many times and I am a frequent visitor. Im looking for a way to do the following:

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