But I am concerned about the micro’s side of things. This makes no sense to me, if the Enttec device will only receive data on a certain address, why do I have to fill in the source address? Find More Posts by ericthegeek. Find More Posts by dtewksbury. February 5th, Hi Scott, thank you for your response.

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Sorry for the long explanation, I can supply further details if required by anybody that has had any experience with this device. Find More Posts by sblair. Everything looked correct in the packet, so I assumed that was not the problem. I have written a custom application in windows to control it and that seems to work ok. So far this has been quite a satisfying journey frustrating at first.


I am confused as to why that is even necessary because it would not receive any packets back from any other UID, except the broadcast one, so what is the point of allowing me to ubs a different one?

Simply use the output invert bit to toggle from line Idle to break and back, this works a treat. Hi Scott, thank you for your response. February 5th, I skimmed Enttec’s documents.

And yes, it is the comparison that I am concerned about. Next it dawned on me that maybe the device requires a specific jsb to decode, which makes no sense, but still I thought I would try to send data back to FFFF: If you haven’t found them already, consider attending one of the RDM Plugfests.


I will do device discovery soon, so at least the fixtures can be found. You’re probably sick of hearing from me at this point, and I already put in my plug for the DMXter4. You have to hsb at least us to respond to an RDM Discovery Request, so that leave us available for the rest of the response processing, checksum verification, etc.

What I mean is that I understand the concept, and in the PC it will be fairly straight forward to implement.

USB DMX ENTTEC RDM Pro Mk2 70531 Lighting Controller Interface Kit

You pass your PID and payload to the library, and it takes care of building up the packet around it. Daryl, Welcome to the forums! Thank you, yes that does seem reasonable I will give it a go. Thanks ericthegeek, you are correct, I am entec the USB protocol and forming the entire packet myself.

Am I missing something? I could then adapt that for the It pri always good to know what more experienced people are using for testing and their different quirks. I have always been disappointed by the stupidly large timing ranges of DMX, because it is not possible to enttfc it to determine whether it is reversed or not.

Recent Drivers  CANON C3180 DRIVER

If you need this specific behavior to emulate another controller, may be worth dropping Enttec a note. I am however interested in seeing what other devices people are using for RDM development, and which ones are recommended. I’ve never used the Enttec API for windows. October 24th, Or, do you just edm the payload to the API, and the Enttec software takes care of building the packet?

Yes, I could use their library, however I tend to understand things a lot better when I am forced to do everything myself.

If you’re sure all the timings are good, then lets move on to the data. October 5th, This worked and everything was decoded and the transaction was complete. This makes no sense to me, if the Enttec device will only entrec data on a certain address, why do I have to fill in the source address? Originally Posted by dtewksbury I have always wanted to design fixtures usg would automatically invert the data line if necessary. The time now is

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