Suggest we add a section to this site where people can post their benchmarks for their USB flash memory for comparison! Note the huge boost in performance with eBoostr The software installer includes 12 files and is usually about Kyle , Nov 24, , in forum: OK, I got off my backside and did a few more rough boots with and without and xp pf. Version 4 Public Beta Program is Now Open Closed By participating in eBoostr beta program you will have the opportunity not just to test our product, but to provide feedback directly to our development staff for changes to program behavior and feature requests.

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If you’d like to join Beta community and submit feedback and suggestion you have to register. Hope this helps some of you! I use a 1GB ram cache and two 4GB ebooatr and it works great.

Andrey Zarudnev Jan 26, Windows7 64 bit performance was tested superficially but set aside with no particular advantage over Vista What percent of users and experts removed it? There have been a few stability issues along the way; however, these have never been serious.


Any reason to use a program like eBoostr?

My PC boot seems to be slowing down slightly with XP prefetch on using BootRacer to testit is a bit subjective though, hard to tell. So I think I will go with XP prefetch turned off. It also quickly tells you if you are going rboostr in the cache process, warning and explaining why a given action is invalid. Apple and Mac OS X. Windows 7 support Smoother cache location and naming handling eliminate Vista and 7 UAC notifications as well automatically handles dual-boot or multi-boot configurations.

Raptor88Aug 9, Yes Found in the run registry. Intel RAID 1 4: I ebooste to test Superfetch as well so I disabled the superfetch service and dheck all the superfetch.

Log in or Sign up. The application priority list, power save mode, exclude list, cache viewer, and general UI are very nice.

How to Join Beta Program? That is why eBoostr gives performance increase.

But, we still need to find a utility specifically designed to test solid-state media sboostr not try to use older utilities to benchmark with. Assigning cache to a device is explained step-by-step, and eBoostr automatically detects your favorite programs for fast-track loading. Also, eBoostr must keep a record of cached file locations for future retrieval.


Lifespan of installation until removal. REading lots of great info on eBoostr. Really does eboostd programs load faster, especially if you setup a large RAM cache.

Delaying the start of this service is possible through the service manager. OK, I got off my backside and did a few more rough boots with and without and xp pf.

I have reenenabled prefetching boot and applications. And yeah, I think I’m gonna email them about it. I just want to note that it is a little bit incomplete.

eBoostr 4 – Should I Remove It?

This is why in previous posts, I have recommended getting these higher-speed USB flash devices in order to see a gain. Windows OS and Software. Versions Version Distribution 4. I used Passmark AppTimer to get the load times, with these settings. They do not appear to take into account the physical differences of flash-based memory. Below are some we highly recommend.

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