Related News and Reviews In the Lab: SanDisk Corporation Western Digital. During the first half of Fusion-io sponsored conversion of the Linux kernel SCSI core to the blk-mq approach [47]. DEMO Fall conference alumni information. List of solid-state drive manufacturers. Archived from the original on April 5, This page was last edited on 29 September , at

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No official numbers are stated about this performance difference or iodgive much above 25 watts the card may need to function at its highest speeds.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (640GB)

Retrieved June 3, For this reason we turned to our StorageMark traces, which include consumer traces covering HTPC, Productivity, and Gaming scenarios and now de,l traces starting off with a new mail-server scenario to help our readers find out how well a drive might perform under their conditions.

The setup of the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo is pretty deol forward. Fusion-io claims a maximum of 1. In our gaming trace the ioDrive came in at the top and bottom depending on its configuration.

Real-World Benchmarks If you are new to StorageReview, one thing we try to focus on iodrove how any given drive might perform under real-world conditions.

In the expanded 4K write test, speeds spiked as high asIOPS on the top end, doubling compared to the first test. By listing the smaller transfer size you can, in xell, get much larger IOPS measurements from the drive…although it makes it difficult to compare against other manufacturers.


Each layer represents a unique GB drive, which are merged together through the same slot interface. Views Read Edit View history. US Securities and Exchange Commission. Tintri releases TGC 4. Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Specifications: While these figures are well under the Fusion-io quoted spec, iodfive thing to realize is their figures were based off byte transfers, not 4K. A fourth trace we are debuting with the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo review is an enterprise trace that covers a Microsoft Exchange oodrive environment.

Our second real-life test covers disk activity in a productivity scenario. For all intents and purposes this test shows drive performance under normal daily activity for most users.

The drive easily lives up to its advertised speeds of 1. The Fusion-io ioDrive Duo offers top-level performance for nothing short of top-dollar price. Conclusion When it comes down to living up to the claims del, speed, speed, and more speed, the GB Fusion-io ioDrive Duo hit the mark on all counts. The card will still function without the additional power hookup, but Fusion-io states that maximum write throughput may increase with external power available.

Dell 24X4P Fusion tb MLC SSD ioDrive Duo PCIe Solid State Drive | eBay

Expanding our 4K read and write test out in our ramped queue depth benchmark, we did see some higher maximum IOPS figures. The card is passively cooled, incorporating three black-finned heat sinks.


If your enterprise needs even more performance in a single PCIe slot, then there’s the Fusion-io ioDrive Duo, which basically doubles down on performance. For this reason we stuck with our 4K test versus changing the transfer size amount.

Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (GB) | – Storage Reviews

In and Fusion-io was criticized for depending too heavily on two major customers—Facebook and Apple. Nevada Secretary of State.

Archived from the original on Retrieved from ” https: For benchmark purposes we always tested the card with external power available. The final section of our synthetic benchmarks looks at standard IOMeter server profile scenarios; including database, workstation, fileserver, and web server. SanDisk Corporation Western Digital.

The heatsinks are setup that when installed in a server environment where air is pulled through the chassis, they are all in-line to have air flow over the cooling fins. A scalable multi-queue block layer for the Linux kernel was developed by Fusion-io engineers Axboe and Shaohua Li, and merged into the Linux kernel mainline in kernel version 3.

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