Frankly, I don’t think tiger or any other vendor wants to invest the time to thoroughly check out a product like a computer. Sorry, I didn’t completely answer the last post. If so, what could have happened to the keyboard controller or MB from the time the OS was installed and I got the machine. Have u try to test it in another system? I have already obtained an RA , but was hoping to save myself the trouble of shipping it back and waiting for replacement though, that is what I may end up doing.

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Sorry, but I think I made an erroneous statement in my original post. Always been happy with ekyboard merchandise and did not see any point in unnecessarily disparaging them.

Dell OPTIPLEX GX620 Keyboard Failure

I can not be certain that this had any effect as there is no jumper to reset the BIOS settings. Did some incident lead up to this occurrence?

Rather I purchase these for specific projects. At least at this sight I was actually able to find someone who knew what they were talking about OtheHillunlike the other forums i have tried.


Net is the opinions of its users. Actually may be helpful to someone in the future. IMO it is OK to say where you bought it. No incident leading to this failure. I am thinking that by default on this system, USB Legacy support is not enabled. Hx620 normal re-furbish may only include replacing missing items and giving it a quick look over. This computer was just purchased re-certified from a major online keyobard of computers whom I am sure we are all familiar with.

Have u try to test it in another system?

Thousands of users waiting to help! Some had very minor and easily remedied problems.

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I have been making purchases from them for approx. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. This PC is not intended to be my primary I would never buy used for that purpose.

They are usually less costly than tiger especially with all the free shipping lately. The retailer is tigerdirect. Net and its accuracy. Frankly, I don’t think tiger or any other vendor wants to invest the time to thoroughly check keyboar a product like a computer. Better to let the customer do that for them.


I will end this post, but first thank you very much for your efforts. Over a Month Ago Time Zone: I have and that is why I ordered from tigerdirect. Yes No I don’t have a dog.

Have you tried the keyboard in a different USB port? I did not list it in original post, but yes i have tried all USB ports. I am quite familiar with with newegg, i have made many purchases from them as well. I really do appreciate your time and effort!

Look for two bare pins labeled clrcmos or similar. The information on Computing.

This is both inane and funny at the same time, yet frustrating.

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