It may fall and cause personal injury. This is also pressed to cancel a full reset. See the figure below for each meaning. Name 1 Indicator 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Description Indicates the result of a bar code read operation. The electrolyte can cause eye damage.

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Screen Protectors for Casio DT-X10M10E | protectionfilmscom

While supplying power or transmitting data. Information in this document is subject to change without advance notice. Also, do not place a heavy object on it or heat it. Also, do cxsio carry or store the battery with a metal necklace or hair pin. If the battery pack leaks or generates an abnormal smell, immediately remove it away from the fire.

The battery pack may become hot, explode, or ignite. Power on, Handheld Terminal not mounted This lamp shows when the Handheld terminal is performing data communication. Do not disassemble the battery pack. Or, the protection means caiso be damaged and the battery may be charged with an excessive current or voltage, or have abnormal chemical reactions induced to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.

Each memory backup period will depend on the characteristic of terminal itself, the surroundings including temperature, humidity. The performance or service life of the battery pack may be reduced or abnormal current may flow to cause it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite. Regardless of whether or not a Handheld Terminal is mounted this lamp indicates the system status and whether or not a communication operation with the system can be performed.


Dt-x10m110e following table describes LED modes and their meanings. The insulation may be damaged or the gas exhaust valve or safety mechanism may be damaged, causing the battery pack to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite. GND Output terminals for joint block 1: In addition, remove all the batteries before storage.

The electrolyte can cause eye damage. Dust and dirt may cause fire and smoke, and water cadio cause an electric shock. Contents of the DT-X10 should always be backed up in the personal computer to make a separate record from that on the terminal.

Press to reset the handheld terminal. This may cause a fire or personal injury due to explosion of the terminal. Toggles to switch between numbers and alphabets. Should the battery be swallowed, immediately consult a doctor. Power on, Handheld Terminal mounted correctly Red: Attach screen protectors without bubbles of air – protectionfilms24 – YouTube.

Support of outstanding development environment Ample Microsoft development tools provided for easy application development and an advanced debug environment. Skip to main content. If the battery pack is connected backwards, it can be incorrectly charged and have an abnormal chemical reaction induced, causing it to become hot, smoke, explode, or ignite.


Problem with a connection between two Bridge Satellite Cradles This lamp indicates whether the system is operating normally. Power is ON but the terminal is not mounted on the charger.

DT-X10 Series Laser Scanner Integrated Models Hardware Manual

Do not place the DT-X10 in an unstable situation, such as on a wobbling platform or shelf. Inputs a hyphen.

When replacing the battery, always consult the operation manual. If an AC adaptor that is not specified is used, the battery pack may explode, causing a fire or personal injury.

If the battery is improperly used, the electrolyte may leak and soil other objects, resulting in fire and personal injury. Deletes one character to the left.

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