It is now easier to write and use commands such as improved spell checkers, find and replace engines, bug trackers, media browsers and importers, and a great many other types of tools. You can pass any type of value, from a simple number to a multidimensional list. The second argument indicates the state you want: Indent specifies, in pixels, how far the items are indented from the left. The argument can be any value type, including a list. It’s easy to join and it’s free. However, you can also store script functions in external text files.

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External Movie Driver Error – Adobe: Authorware Attain – Tek-Tips

Alternatively, from within a script you can use this function call to reread the Knowledge Objects folder and refresh the Knowledge Objects dialog. Returns the icon ID of aithorware icon to which the navigate icon will jump. If ButtonBitmap were set to anything other than “OK” for example: The “Techno1” template in the Quiz Knowledge Object contained an inactive quit button.

You can also specify a return value.

Introduced in Authorware 6, commands were modal in nature. Use the LaunchCommand function to start a command as part of your script. Later, you can call the same script function using a different value from moovie the function will use the new value as the number of circles to draw.

These bugs were not in the Flash ActiveX control. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. This allows the external script function to be called from any calculation icon, regardless of its icon title.


The structure of the authoring environment encourages rich interaction; complex user feed-back is not only possible but somewhat suggested by the software, rather than suggesting the usual media diffusion. This document gives you detailed information about the changes that are part of Macromedia Authorware 6. CallScriptIcon “Standard Deviation”, values Within the function script, you use an icon variable called Args to capture the argument that is passed into the script.

Pull-down menus Take a look at the following pull-down menu. Additional properties exposed One of the keys to extensibility is to open as many properties of each Authorware icon as possible so that you as an Authorware developer can write code that makes use of these properties.

Using the GoTo function within a script function is highly discouraged because it can lead to an endless loop or to improper execution of subsequent icons. The new system variable UserApplicationData contains the complete path authoware this directory.

Adobe Authorware

We will then place the script for our function in that file: When selected in the digital movie icon, the file plays through the Windows Media Player support. For example, use these variables and the Authorware Application Accessibility Authirware included with this release to control text-to-speech technology on the end-user’s computer.

Specifying the Args parameter gives you about half the number of possible nested calls. Images is a return-delimited list of bitmapped image filenames that can loa displayed in the TreeView control. Setting the fourth parameter to true makes the script function icon the one that CallScriptIcon is calling through the sign the owner.


Unable to load external movie driver for “”

To make the text underlined: New locations for data files In Authorware 6. To switch a command to a non-modal state, extetnal use the following function call: The returned value is “Hello World”.

If the media player control cannot be found, Authoware does not give you the option of linking to the new media types. Use the GetIconProperty function to obtain the value of an icon property. For instance, you may be reading the script function from an encrypted text file, which extrnal be decrypted before it can be used, or you may be retrieving the script string from a database.

Doing so adds the icon to the list of icons to erase or preserve. This function is best used when you write a Command or Unxble Object that is installing or copying Knowledge Objects to the Knowledge Objects folder, after which you should update the Knowledge Objects dialog.

Very Computer

The argument can be any value type, including a list. The default value is 1.

When creating your own snippets, you can determine where the caret will be placed when Authorware inserts the snippet.

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