Perhaps that should simply be part of the fun. If you like the FE35 1. Have sent the camera for repair under warranty, but I am not hopeful this will not happen again in a few months when the warranty has expired. Using it for architecture is annoying because it has very strong mustache distortion which is very hard to correct even with profiles and Bastian had to test 5 copies to find one which was well centered. Settling as even an f2 model, it would still need better bokeh, much better corners and just a wider range of usable apertures.

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The first series I offer has the subject—these rather large flowers—just under a metre away from the sensor, so it is the distance of a fairly close moderate-wide portrait.

Voigtländer 40mm f1.2 Nokton Aspherical: An In Depth Review

The corners never reach f1.2 levels, huge vignetting, slow, not a good match for A7r. I almost hesitated to write the above: This just developed algorithm will also more accurately predict subject movement for tracking that is 1. Neither the 50 or 35 Loxia will give you the lovely wide aperture rendering of this lens, whose bokeh is about equivalent to about a 1.


And do excuse me if I intrude in any way. And of course many thanks for your help.

With the A7 cameras, I was wondering if there is there a reason non have tried or considered testing the Zeiss zoom on the Sony? The exceptional cleanness of the bokeh in for example the Apo-Lanthar 65 is down to perfectly white highlights lacking spherochromatism. The plants in the garden are at varying distances, starting at just a few cm behind the frame, g1.2 many metres to wa7. Such a lens will be about the size of the 1.

What about Canon FD mm 1: Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Might not be the best 1. How would this lens perform on the original A7s? Sony A7 II reviews. I have both the Batis-es, but consider to replace them with the GM.

One thing i would like to mention is, that the Leica 35 asph. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Also you can find some measurements on https: The Loxia is better behaved: Very good Review with good sample Images. Do you have a recommendation for which lens in the telephoto range would suit me best for landscapes? Looking for this one now to update? Great review Thanks a lot for your work!


Michal ‘s Orange Pi PC.

ABIT – DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS – Motherboard – Mainboard

I know, I checked twice before replying to you as I abiy I must have got it wrong! Please make sure to check out our in-depth reviews for a much more detailed discussion of each anit. Yes sz7 Mitakon is just for crop. The other obvious alternatives are principally classic fast fifties. But the 35mm lenses are either massive which Rules then out or slow less possibilities for creative fun with bokeh.

My hunch would be if you prefer 40 get 40; if you prefer 35 stay where you are. You guys are doing an amazing work. As do allmost all Canon EF and many Nikon lenses. Good sharpness for a 4x zoom Very handy range Better than mm 4. You can connect it to GND. I hear a lot that the Sony Zeiss 50 is the new king of the hill in terms of 50mm focal lengths.

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