Incidentally, the G1 and other phones are already marked as music players, and I see little reason to not give users raw access to this class of devices. I read somewhere that adb is broken for the 2. Joel Stanley shenki wrote on There are a lot of new smartphones that are affected by this issue. So for now I’ll just put back the G1 rule. That worked for me.

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Android Device Inventory

Stock G1s won’t be able to do this. Cyril Jaquier cyril-jaquier wrote on Joel Stanley shenki wrote on Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Acer — HTC — 0bb4 Huawei — 12d1 LG — Motorola — 22b8 Samsung — 04e8 Sony Ericsson — 0fce Also, I added a group to prevent the Android tools from having to be run as root and although I am new at this level of config it seems reasonable to me to prevent root: Actually the bug has been fixed just for the smartphone G1, but not for the rest.

Marking back as Fix Released since the original rule is present – once you’ve got the new rules in the udev package upstream and there’s been a release, 0gb4 free to open a new tracking bug requesting the update in case of required freeze exceptions, etc.


Scott James Remnant Canonical canonical-scott wrote on Under debian, I downloaded the recompiled version 0bn4 adb linked above, no change dmesg shows: Matt Zimmerman mdz wrote on Juanje Ojeda juanje wrote on Patches patch to set pda. I read somewhere that adb is broken for the 2. So for now I’ll just put back the G1 rule. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. This requires us to reshuffle the media-player-info rules a bit, but 0hb4 should be feasible.

That worked for me. From the Android developer site http: An android-developers thread at http: Not much documentation there but would this rule fit there?

[HOWTO] connect Porteus to Android device – Porteus

Guilherme Salgado [ Moreover, if the fix is only for the vendors above then I predict there will be a lot of updates to the vendor IDs since there are going to be a LOT of new Android devices not just phones but also media players, tablets, netbooks, etc being released in It didn’t work when I tested it, though.

Also, I doubt that raw device access is of much use on phones which do not have the ADB equivalent. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Comment on this change optional. Perla, the problem is probably not in your udev rule.


I’m guess the media-player-info could be the easier place to manage all these devices. The code on the Ubuntu’s 002 is not fully compatible with the last upstream’s code and this patch so I’ve made also a patch for the Ubuntu’s package’s code at the branch: I haven’t looked to see if his configuration was substantially different from the one I experimented with yet.

[ubuntu] troble getting adb devices working in ubuntu [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Mine T-Mobile G1 is:. Confirmed, this isn’t working for me either in I saw your new udev-extras package.

OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, Changed in hal Ubuntu: Duplicates of this 0x02 Bug Please don’t patch the Ubuntu udev package, instead submit the patch to udev upstream and it will be included when we update.

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